Re-structuring to secure our clients’ long-term interests

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CP Global Innovation represents our re-structuring and efforts towards achieving long-term business sustainability which we have embarked on for many years now.

I believe that as a technology-focused innovation company, we will open new doors and possibilities to facilitate business succession planning. But unlike what most of our clients may be thinking, the aim of our succession plan is not focused on finding someone to take over my role. Neither is it to rely solely on AI technology to replicate my investment performance.

Instead, our succession plan involves expanding CP Global Innovation into a bigger platform for effective collaboration. And in doing so, we will have more dedicated resources to expand on our core capabilities and transfer other matters such as business operations and distribution to our partners who are better qualified in those areas.

Ultimately, the answer to realize our clients’ wishes for sustainable investment performance lies in the formation of CP Global Innovation, which will allow our succession plan to focus on dedicating my time to continuously optimize our investment strategies, and at the same time, enable us to grow into a bigger platform for effective collaboration with our partners to seek out new business models.

– RT

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