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“Raymond, please don’t retire so soon! We hope to be able to continue enjoying good returns for many more years.. the best is to give us another 20 to 25 years!”

The above was mentioned by a client during a seminar last year. (And was quickly met with laughter from the audience)

To be honest, my thoughts on retirement constantly evolved during my forties and early fifties… I was conflicted, to say the least.

However, in recent years, I no longer feel uncertain about my stand when it comes to the topic of retirement…

For me, I feel that unless one is physically or mentally incapable, there is no need for a total retirement in today’s environment. Rather, I believe in effective re-distribution of my job functions, through collaboration with others and the use of technology. Not only does this reduce my workload and allow me to focus on my core job functions, but re-distribution will also enable each individual to excel in their respective roles, as a result, yielding more effective results as a whole.

So just for the record, I’d like to state that I have no intention or plans to retire anytime soon 🙂

– RT

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